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i wanted to know if there is any scope for retail management after one year of work experience in hospitality section what are the other options for housekeeping personnel in the retail sector. is mba in retail in hel[pful for me?

  Posted by : tuheena patro , bangalore
On : 27.2.2011
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Retail management is the right or rather the best career for those who feel an interest towards commodities, sales markets, market segments, diversification of businesses, advertising and campaigning, and marketing research. The profession offers wide scope for exploring new companies that get introduced into the market and offer various products. You can start as an assistant retail manager and manage as store. You have to be dynamic and a team leader to succeed in the field.

  Posted By : Faizan , Delhi
On : 2.5.2013

Nice career choice, btw. Retail industry has a lot to offer to talented people. Various universities in India are offering MBA (Retail) these days. One of my friends has taken admission in UTM Shillong in MBA (Fashion & Retail mgmt). UTM is first lifestyle university of India. it offers various new age courses. Moreover the content of the course look really good to me. You can try here too :)

  Posted By : jeanie , delhi
On : 18.7.2011

I have completed Bachelor in Computer Application, in 2005. After that, due to family financial problem & my fathers serious health problem, i could'nt persue my master degree. Now i want to do Master in Retail Management. Please guide me about jobs in retail secters in India and catagory of jobs with minimum remuneration(expected)I would get after 2 years, i.e, in 2011/2012 In 4 years gap i have 2 years working experience in a Finance Company,CitiCorp Finance India Ltd. as a CPA(Certified Profession Accountant) Thanks with regards.

  Posted by : Falguni Sarkar , Rajasthan, Udaipur
On : 16.7.2009
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Well, it is not bad decision at all. A host of retail MNCs have not only entered the Indian retail sector but have also made plans of expansion. There are business schools offering MBA in retail management in India.

  Posted By : Nancy , Noida
On : 31.7.2013

what is retail management and how are the student of retail schools placed in India what are their pay packages?If somebody wants to do MBA, which are the best field to specialise in?

  Posted by : rahul , new delhi
On : 19.6.2009
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