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Sir, My name is Suraj I'm from Palakkad, Kerala, I've just passed 12th from cbse with question is I'm interested in, mechatronics engg and I hope that I'll give my best in it. but the question that troubles me is that after pursuing btech can I,get placed in,good companies in India? . I asked u this question as I'm from a middle class family and as u, know its too imp for me to get placed after studying for 4 years. I'm now looking for karpagam college or Hindustan college @ Coimbatore. i, also want to know your opinion about the colleges. PLZ HELP SIR!!!.....a humble request from a student to make desicion.......

  Posted by : Nair Suraj , Palakkad
On : 28.6.2015

AT present mechatronics engg seems good. I hope it will continue to improve as time goes by. However we cannot predict what may happen after 4 years. I would suggest you to focus well on your studies and prepare yourself to fit for multiple field like s/w engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

  Posted By : Career Expert Dr. Vinod Pangracious , Paris
On : 27.8.2015

sir,i am a 12th pass out student and i am planing to do my b-tec in mechatronics,i wanted to know that is their any scope of mechatronics in india?or should i do ece?and which are the best colleges offering mechatronics?

  Posted by : Shaz Ali Javed , gaya
On : 28.6.2015
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For details about mechatronics Institutes click here
There is great scope for mechatronics graduates
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  Posted By : Roseline Regite , Kochi
On : 1.7.2015

Respected Sir, I'm Jamshed from Kanpur(Uttar Pradesh). I have completed 12th with PCM and now I want to have diploma(don't want in Mechatronics by distance learning but I'm not getting any indian university that offers the same. I just want to know any good university that offers this course via distance learning. Could you please suggest me any one of them? Also i want to know if i have mechatronics diploma, can i apply for the job of mechanical engineer as mechatronics is a interdisciplinary engineering field and includes mechanical, electronics engineering etc. I also want to work only in my hometown kanpur or abroad so if i did not get any job in abroad can i get job in kanpur. I mean what are the job opportunities for mechatronics engineers in kanpur. Because when i searched jobs for mechatronics engineers in kanpur in job sites and google, i did not find any job. that's why asked above that if a mechatronics engineer can apply for mechanical or electronics engineering jobs because here are plenty of jobs for mechanical engineers in kanpur. Kindly Reply, Thanks

  Posted by : Jamshed Alam Ansari , Kanpur, UP
On : 5.7.2014

Hello Jamshed ,
I am afraid, that diploma in Mechatronics does not make you competent for high end job market, such as robotics. Being said that, it does not mean that you will be completely ineligible for job offered by mechatronics. If you want to get a engineering job in electronics or mechanical, in Kanpur, please follow main stream courses. You can apply for the jobs in Kanpur, after the diploma, but its up to the employer whether they have to choose a diploma holder for the job among mechanical/electronics engineers. What I would suggest you that, go for B-Tech in Mechatronics if you like the subject and prepare yourself for a career anywhere in the world. Otherwise, choose Mechanical or Electronics courses and find job in Kanpur.
Best wishes

  Posted By : Career Expert Dr. Rupesh Kumar , York
On : 5.8.2014
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