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 1.  Posted on : 9.1.2014  By  :  Soumyya Das , Kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

Cholecystectomy was done 2 years ago but looking bulky and over weight approx 87 kg triglycerides also increased what should I do?

 2.  Posted on : 27.6.2013  By  :  akshay arora , Bareilly (u.p.) View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

My age is just 22 yrs. And i am having pain in my knee joints doctors said i am sufferin from arthiris/ortheoritis what can i do is their any treatment or not because they have told me that their is no treatment

 3.  Posted on : 11.9.2012  By  :  Saswajeet Routray , Kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I am 32 years old and my wife is 30 now. Myself and my wife, both are suffering from joint pain from 5-6 months. A cracking sound also coming from the knees. Please let me know what to do.

 4.  Posted on : 16.6.2012  By  :  Joseph , Delhi View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

In my blood test, all readings are within limits except LDL, which is 130. What can I do to reduce this?? My total cholestrol is 188.

 5.  Posted on : 18.3.2012  By  :  Shaheen Parveen , Kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I have fellopian tube blockage. Is there any confirmed treatment to open the blockage in India please let me know

 6.  Posted on : 29.2.2012  By  :  Unknown , Jamnagar View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I have problem of heavy snorring, while i closed my eyes even in daytime snorring started. pl suggest treatment for me?

 7.  Posted on : 26.1.2012  By  :  kiran , shimla View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I have stones in my kidney. what i should do?

 8.  Posted on : 21.1.2012  By  :  KAILAS DAROLE , Navi Mumbai View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

Isuffer last three month with my kid related cough & cold .i took medicine from MD.DCH.dr. but i didnt get result.please guide to us.

 9.  Posted on : 31.12.2011  By  :  Balaram , View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

What is Lipoprotein a, (Lp(a)) and how it is to be tested.

 10.  Posted on : 10.2.2012  By  :  deekshitha , suryapet View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

calories needed for a child of 10 years:______________ child of 15 years:______________ woman of 20-25:____________ 25-30:____________ 30-40:__________ man of 20-25:_______________ 25-30:___________________ 30-40:_________________

 11.  Posted on : 5.2.2012  By  :  Monika Agarwal , Guwahati View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I have ear nerve problem. Doctor said that my nerves is weak. What is the solution for it,can u please help me???

 12.  Posted on : 9.1.2012  By  :  Vibha , Jodhpur View Answer (0) Post Answer Post Answer

Since 2 years i am suffering from dysmenorrhea. Every month i have to inject injection[under doctor's consultency] i have met 12 doctors for this but today also the pain is on the top...It remains for 4-5 days..But my ten days are wasted as the pain starts before....Can you suggest me of something better treatment for this....Please

 13.  Posted on : 18.12.2011  By  :  Prabhanjan Mandal , sonarpur,kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

Since last 2 years I am getting senseless & also I have been suffering from digestive problems, vomiting, headache, feeling fear etc. after medical test found thyroid and pre cervical spondylosis, but pressure, sugar are normal. Now both are within limits, but I feel headache, digestive problems, stool problem etc. Reports are below: TSH-3.72 µIU/ml, Normal Range (0.3 – 5.5); FT4-1.13 ng/dl, Nr. 0.7-1.80.Potassium 5.5mEq/L , NR. 3.5 – 5.5, Total Cholesterol: 142 mg/dl,Nr 130 to 250. HDL Cholesterol: 48 mg/dl,Nr 30 to 70. LDL Cholesterol: 59 mg/dl,Nr 65 to 175.VLDL Cholesterol : 35 mg/dl,Nr 20 to 30.Triglycerides : 175 mg/dl,Nr up to 150.LDL/HDL Cholesterol : 1.2 ,Nr. 1.5 -3.5. TC/HDL Cholesterol: 2.95, Nr, 3.0-5.0. Last here months back, I feel itchiness in my penis when intercourse with my wife. After one month I have seen rash in my penis head. First time it is itching but now it is silence. What is the best solution for me?

 14.  Posted on : 26.11.2011  By  :  KR Babu , Coimbatore View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

It seems there was a bing hole in my right ear drum and I had a mild earing loss (conductive losses). As advised by the ENT Surgeon, I underwent CT scan too. He suggested me to undergo surgery by which my mastoid bone has to be open and all infection there has to be removed. I had the hole in the ear drum for the past 25 years and so far I had no problem except mild hearing loss. No ear discharge for the past 15 years. Even earlier also I used to have ear discharge very rarely. ENT surgeon suggested me to undergo the surgery what is called Mastoidectomy. I unable to take a call whether I should undergo surgery now or postpone to a time when I notice any further problem. I would like to know whether the problem gets aggravated if I do not undergo surgery. Whether it prevents further deterioation and improves the hearing? Kindly advise.

 15.  Posted on : 1.3.2011  By  :  Vinayak , Chennai View Answer (2) Post Answer Post Answer

Hi, I am vinayak. I recently had chest pain symptom and went to the doctor the next day. He advised me to take an ECG, after seeing the result he told me that it was perfectly normal. However, the pain occured again on Monday and I went to the doctor. This time he advised me to take chest x ray, All kind of blood tests including Lipid profile test without fasting and the Echo test. All the test conducted were normal and no abnormalities were found. What would be the reason for the pain. Off late i am experiencing a dull pain on my left arm. It is very dull? Is it stress?

 16.  Posted on : 15.12.2010  By  :  pankaj , jamnagar View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

i want to know a contact details of good audiologist in india , so how can i get it? i would like to fixing a hearing aids in india guide me for good audiologist or where can i fixing the hearing aids in india?

 17.  Posted on : 20.9.2010  By  :  Nevneen , Firozpur View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

I am 35 years old, I have pigmentation from 14 years I had many medicines no one worked, my skin became very ther any treatment of this???

 18.  Posted on : 16.1.2010  By  :  pallab gupta , kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

What is abg test?

 19.  Posted on : 28.1.2010  By  :  hakima , chennai View Answer (1) Post Answer Post Answer

What is haemodilysis and altrasound?

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