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Dr. Rupesh Kumar Dr. Rupesh Kumar
Expert:  Physics, General Guidance
Smart Kundassery Smart Kundassery
Expert:  Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)
Dr. P. O. Suresh Dr. P. O. Suresh
Expert:  Environmental Science, Laboratory Analysis
Dr. Vinod Pangracious Dr. Vinod Pangracious
Expert:  Engineering and Science programs
Amit Kumar Dhar Amit Kumar Dhar
Expert:  Computer Science
Preenu PN Preenu PN
Expert:  Meteorology
Krubashini Prasad Krubashini Prasad
Expert:  Commerce, Finance and Accountancy with Computers
Prabhu Dhasaiyan Prabhu Dhasaiyan
Expert:  Organic Synthesis, General chemistry, Microbiology