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Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms and Housewives

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Whether you are a mom or housewife, money is always welcome. And why not? Everyone needs or can do well with some cash, either as a source of livelihood, creating a savings portfolio for future or buy something you dream about.

Undoubtedly, you would have to spare a few hours daily from household chores and rest. If this is indeed the case, consider taking work from home job that enables you to make good money. While several works from home jobs are available nowadays for women, we have handpicked a few that pay well and involve relatively minor hassles.

Salaries and wages mentioned are indicative and derived from various sources. They may vary according to your location and skills.

1) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant or VA is a form of self-employment that several women worldwide now find lucrative. Generally, it involves providing multiple tasks including accounting, administrative, marketing, legal or even secretarial services from your home office. As VA, you can market and utilize your skills from the comfort of the home. Virtual Assistant jobs come in various forms. Some may need a college degree, depending upon the skill you are offering. High school may suffice some jobs.

On average, a VA in the US makes about US$22,000 per year for work done from home during spare hours. Hence, remuneration compares well with several other tasks that require commuting between home and office daily. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find yourself some work from home job as VA: there is no shortage of ads that feature on reputed recruitment portals. However, to succeed as VA, adhere to a field that you are well versed.

2) Content Writer

Passionate about a subject and have excellent writing skills? Work from home as a content writer. Unlike journalism that needs adherence to prescribed style guides, content writing is relatively straightforward: It allows you to play with the language, albeit in a manner that readers find exciting and comfortable. With millions of blogs flourishing worldwide, content writers are always in demand.

According to various sources including Payscale, content writers in the US stand to make a whopping US$30,000 per year. Understandably, you may require some time before earning such money since it involves carving a niche in the market. Content writing generally consists in having excellent knowledge about something you are very passionate about. This can include in-depth knowledge about a product or service, movie, human behaviour, beauty and skin care or almost everything. However, you would have to present your ideas or writings in a manner that are very simple. The language should be easily understood even by a fourth grader.

3) Fiverr & Micro Jobs

Now Fiverr is traditionally utilized by women in America. However, you too can provide services through Fiverr. As the brand name suggests, whatever task you offer through Fiverr has to be priced at US$5. But there is a loophole that most women exploit: while you can charge only US$5 for a task, Fiverr makes it possible to charge more for additional services. Fiverr is an American website that allows you to offer various small tasks for a maximum fee of US$5. You can offer almost any skill online for that fee.

Whatever your skills, it is possible to offer them through Fiverr. You can read through this website to acquaint with their terms and conditions. Upon knowing what skills are in demand, provide your services. Remember, only basic service can be charged at US$5, and you can increase income with add-ons. Fiverr is legit and ensures you get paid on time.

4) Online Sales

No, we do not imply opening a rival to Amazon or eBay. As mom or housewife, you can sell stuff through these online retail giants. Additionally, several online groceries and boutiques will eagerly market homemade jams, spices, handcrafted costume jewellery or even dresses.

Making money through online sales can be easy provided you possess sufficient business acumen and offer something unique. Amazon and eBay offer an excellent seller program. This means you can register as a seller on these websites. Once your registration is accepted, Amazon and eBay allow posting pictures of your stuff with a brief description. Also, you can decide the Returns Policy, provided it complies with those of these globally acclaimed retailers. Now it is also possible to sell your stuff through Facebook Business and other social media.

5) Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is nothing new: it has existed for centuries but assumed a modern form over the last decade. Crowdsourcing means working with other team members drawn from different parts of the country or abroad from your home office. It involves working together on a single yet very lucrative project during spare hours and generally, online.

Women adept at graphic design, architecture, interior décor, haute couture and excellent culinary skills can find very profitable projects that require crowdsourcing. If you are a mom or housewife who possesses exceptional skills, try crowdsourcing. It has emerged as the best <a href="https://surejob.in/work-from-home-jobs.html">work from home jobs</a> for women that wish to work during spare hours.

In Conclusion

While these are not the only work from home jobs for moms and housewives, they are among the most respected and profitable. As mom or housewife, you would want to spend spare hours to earn something worthwhile.

Simple tasks such as completing online surveys or writing product reviews are also available. But these not jobs that require specialised skills. Nor will they make you rich. Instead, try these jobs we have listed. With some extra effort, you may strike it big.

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