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Top 3 Highest Paid Mechanical Engineer Jobs

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Each year, batches of mechanical engineering graduates make their way from educational institutions towards the vast competition of the job sector. Everyone desires a good salary and the perfect start. Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular engineering disciplines and in highly in demand within several industrial sectors in all the countries around the world. In addition, it is also one of the highest paid fields.

Before we discuss about the top three jobs for highest Mechanical Engineering salary, you must first understand the skill set those are expected to get hired into a company and how to develop your skills such that your career path takes you to the highest levels.

Here we have listed some of the most typical roles and responsibilities that many companies expect their Engineers to perform every single working day.

Work Profile of a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers are expected to know and do research, build and test mechanical equipments and tools, design and make, and understand how the systems and machines work.

A Mechanical Engineer also has to act as process engineer. They are also responsible for designing the parts

and components that are to be manufactured.

Mechanical Engineers can start a career in most of the industries, from making elevators and escalators work to designing systems that dispense ice-cream, to making parts that are used in a space shuttle. They are computer savvy and can even get involved in control systems programming and software-based solutions.

Mechanical Engineers are versatile. Some can become Systems or Engineering Managers. Others can become Designers or Drafters. Many others would choose to become Materials Engineers, Mathematicians, Mechanical Technicians, and Natural Sciences Managers to name a few.

If you are looking for much you can you get paid from companies who hire for Mechanical Engineering positions, here are some data gathered based on non-managerial positions in the U.S.

The Top 3 Highest Paid Mechanical Engineer Profile:

1. Mechanical Design Engineer

Their primary roles and responsibilities include researching, testing, designing, manufacturing, and developing machines, engines, and tools or devices. They play a major role in the production process.

In other aspects, a Mechanical Design Engineer could be considered a process or project manager. He might also be tasked with managing company budgets and also maintaining materials and keeping design specifications updated.

2. Senior Mechanical Engineer

They work in close cooperation with the upper management. He collaborates with the department for Business Development, the Engineering department, and the Operations, Quality Control and Manufacturing department. Depending on the company requirement, a Senior Mechanical Engineer might be responsible for many aspects of project management.

The primary roles and responsibilities also includes an active participation in the hiring of new employees.

Besides his role in the HR department, he is also in charge of investigating and procuring information that is needed for design and development. He is to be ready to troubleshoot when system failures take place.

As a project manager, the Senior Mechanical Engineer is responsible for making sure all projects are done according to plan and within the allotted time. He also serves as the project coordinator and consultant to other team members for better product outcomes.

3. Senior Mechanical Process Engineer

To earn this profile of a Senior Mechanical Process Engineer, you must hold a bachelorís degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering. Some companies asks for 10+ years of experience while others accept less experienced engineers but will provide them adequate training and chances to develop their engineering skills.

The selected candidate must perform the role of a project manager for medium side projects as well as large-scale ones. A Senior Mechanical Process Engineer is also to conduct business as a project engineer, too, in critical projects.

These are the three types of job profiles that pay good money for Mechanical Engineers. There are other positions too, but these three are the basic career guide to get an idea of what companies expect from there.

Becoming a Mechanical Engineer

1. The first step is to earn a degree from a college or university. This is the minimum requirement for entry-level positions in the sector. Some students first enrol in two years of pre-engineering degree and then works as interns or as drafters. When time allows, they finishes their Bachelorís Degree.

2. Graduation is not enough to keep you going. In this field, you must be licensed as an engineer before you can take on new design projects. Licensing and accreditation varies from one country to another.

3. Get certifications. This is different from only getting licensed. A license is compulsory but a certification is optional. And though certification is optional, it does prove that you are competent and committed.

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