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Checklist To Find The Best Training Institute for Android Course

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There was a time when people were bounded to specific mobile operations and applications provided by the mobile phone’s operating system. But everything changed as Android operating system got introduced in mobile phones and that is how mobile phones became smartphones. Google’s Android development platform has opened a gate for programmers to bring their innovation and amazing ideas to the Android OS marketplace which is Google Play Store. So if you have decided to become an Android developer then you must read the below-given checklist in order to find the best Training Institute for Android Courses.

Structure of course:

You must check the structure of Android course and decide whether course syllabus is dynamic enough. Android is an emerging platform and hence get updated frequently. Therefore, static and traditional course syllabus and traditional course structure will not work out and sooner or later new updates will force you to learn and do hard work from all over again. Always prefer an institute that offers Android Basics, XML, Java, Kotlin and other application development practices in Android course syllabus.

History of Institute:

History of the institute also matters. An institute with a rich history of Android training always designs course

syllabus keeping in mind all professional aspects of Android development. You must find out the time since the institute is operating and training people. You cannot trust an institute that has been established just a few months ago and claims to be the best Android training institute.\

Covering Theory and Practical:

Theoretical knowledge is nothing without practical implementation and practical knowledge remains ineffective without theory. Good Android training institutes couple both the theory (Object Oriented Concept and Core Concepts of Android) and practical approaches (XML, Java, Kotlin) in such a way that increases the overall power and efficiency of course outcomes. Therefore, you must analyze what parts of the syllabus are covering theory and what parts are practical sessions and how both theory and practice are interrelated?

Have Demo Classes:

Attending Demo classes is a quick way to evaluate the academic level and standards of an institute. Through Demo classes, you avail an opportunity to observe the instructor’s knowledge about Android, its base, XML, front-end development, Java, and back-end technologies. You analyze his way of imparting knowledge and devotion. You may directly ask the institute if there is demo class available.

The infrastructure of Institute:

The infrastructure of a training institute is really important as it supports the student in the learning process. Infrastructural stuff such as Libraries, Laboratories and the building also matters. But you must not make final decision to enroll in an institute solely on the basis of infrastructure.


The reputation of a training institute reflects the success ratio of students of that Android training institute. An institute with good reputation never compromises on the quality and delivers updated content with both practical and theoretical knowledge. Well, reputed institutes hire staff and faculty who have experience in their respective fields. Moreover, Android course instructors must have industrial experience in order to successfully deliver the knowledge.

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