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Career in Mathematics

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Mathematics is one of the elegant subjects that offers highly potential career opportunity for an aspirant student. Here, let us examine different paths in career that mathematics may find application. We may consider two different streams. Jobs that need mathematical skills and jobs that solely based on mathematics.

Mathematics often comes as a basic tool in many engineering and science related jobs. As an engineer, one has to use basic as well as dedicated mathematical tools based on the field of expertise. It may vary from simple mathematical formula of current networks in electrical engineering to complicated differential equations of fluid dynamics in aeronautical engineering. Similarly, a computational biologist uses different mathematical models for analyzing biological systems. On the same hand, a programmer uses complex equations for developing efficient algorithms for data or image processing. From theoretical to applied physics one needs mathematics for describing different phenomena. In Economics, statistical analysis is applied on the data in order to predict the future trends in the financial market. It also helps to develop business strategies in banking sector. There are, of course, plenty of jobs we could point out that need knowledge in mathematics as a basic skill.

For those who are really motivated and fascinated by mathematics, they may follow traditional bachelor-masters courses or integration of both. Here the student gets more insight into statistics, pure/applied mathematics and computational mathematics. Masters in mathematics makes one ready for high profile job in financial market and banking sector. However, those who want to pursue a pure mathematical career he may purse a PhD. The contributions to the development of mathematics that he would give, however small it may be, will act like a stepping stone for other mathematicians to go further ahead in the field. Still, one may continue this study trough various post doctoral programs available worldwide and finally become a prestigious mathematician in the academic field. Needless to say, mathematics finds applications in many fields and if one could have a desire to learn it, he would definitely excel in his career.

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