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Technician and Associate membership Examination In Automobile Engineering

  By : , Bangalore, India       12.4.2012         Mail Now

The Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) (IAE) 

Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) a Unit of The Automobile Society, the Apex Professional body for Automotive Professionals was founded in 2011. The main motto of the Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) is to provide quality life, career and enlightenment for the manpower revolving around, in the field of Automotives through quality education and associated activities.

Therefore, the Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) is vouched to provide avenues for quality education in automobile engineering with innovative approach for the aspirants. Institution of Automobile Engineers (India), invites people to become a Part of their Initiatives in the Arena of the Fast Track Education in Automotive sector. The Institution provides such a contingency for many working professionals and talents who do not have an opportunity to get into the formal education in Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges and Universities through conventional mode.


IAE (I) conducts two academic programmes namely, the Associate Membership, AMIAE(I) and Technician Membership (DIPIAE) Examinations in Automobile Engineering at the Graduate and at the Diploma levels for the under privileged people who could not afford to study .The Institution provides an avenue for them to realize their dreams by achieving the goals.


Practice makes perfect is an old adage with substance, holds good for ever. Practical exposure forms an inherent and integral part of learning in any professional education. Automotives, the happening Industry is not an exemption which demands more acumen and practice to excel in this field. The students of the Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) are from the working fraternity. However, all of them do not get the opportunity to work with the leaders in the field.

The Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) grooms and polishes its students who may be the diamonds but uncut, to shine by providing them the right opportunities. For this purpose the Institution is on its way to secure the entry for its students in the yards of indigenous Automobile giants like Bajaj and Tata motors. By doing this, the Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) makes it possible for the students to hunt for new horizons with better placement opportunities.


Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) is now on its way to establish the State chapters to serve the Students chapter as the” Nodal office” for both Students and Institutes by up keeping the “Service Quality” throughout along its chain up to the points of delivery of education . The Institution is pleased to announce the establishment of its first “State Chapter for the State of Kerala”, dubbed as the “Gods Own Country” in the touristic circuits. With this development, the Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) strides ahead in other states too by exploring the quality establishments.

One can now visualize that the Days are not far off, When the Name of Institution of Automobile Engineers (India) will be Synonymous with that of Automotives.


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