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For our aspiring models: Modeling

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Yes you can be a model. You donít have to be a hunk or a stick thin, 5 ft 9Ē girl, to become a model. There are many marketing campaigns that require all sorts of people to model for their products or services. There is a big market that requires, babies, kids, pets, men, women of all ages, of all shapes and sizes and different ethnicities.†

Many people have started their modeling careers after 30, 40 and even at 65 years of age and have found success. You too can be one of them.†
Hunks and stick thin girls make great runway and fashion house models but are unsuitable for other ad campaigns. For example, all toy ads have kidís models and models who can pose as parents, medical drug ads usually feature senior models and many cosmetic companies prefer the, girl next door, look in their ads. Catalogue models are varied and have natural looks as compared to runway models.†

Networking is extremely important to break into modeling. Social networking sites such as, Lafango, are a great tool that can assist you to market your talent to the world. Post your pictures on several online modeling community where many marketing and ad people come regularly.†

However there are a few things that any aspiring model should possess and is a basic requirement of this field:
1. You should be photogenic. It is immaterial how you look in the mirror but you should look good through a camera lens.
2. You should be comfortable in front of a camera.†
3. Your physical attributes are important. Generally slim (not stick thin) or well toned body (in case of plus size models) is a key demand of modeling field.†
4. Good complexion and hair are additional attributes that are a big plus.†

Breaking into modeling field and creating basic portfolio:
To break into modeling, you need a basic portfolio to send to agencies- head shots and full body pictures.†

Pointers to a good portfolio:

1. Donít overdo by putting on fancy stuff, all you need are some good fitting clothes.
2. It is best to get yourself photographed in natural light with minimum of make-up. Top agents recommend that you keep your pose, hair and make-up as natural as possible.†
3. You do not need an expensive photographer Ė you can use anyone to take your pictures with a regular camera.†
4. Once you have your portfolio, you are ready to embark on your career as a model. Send your portfolio to modeling agencies and, whenever possible, update and add to your online modeling portfolio at Lafango.com.

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   Bikash Singh, cuttack,Odisha
Reply Posted On :
22 - 11 - 2011

sir.my self bikash singh.I am persuing my btech 3rd year.I am interested in modelling and acting. my cell no-09776202019

   Bikash Singh, cuttack,Odisha
Reply Posted On :
22 - 11 - 2011

Sir I wish to be model..Now I am persuing my b-tech in mechanical engineering(3rd year).I am handsome and having good physical body..What should I do then??plz guide me.

   Sharan, Bangalore
Reply Posted On :
14 - 11 - 2011

Thank you for the basic information. I am collecting some information for a young friend of mine who is considering getting into modeling.


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