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Fantasy Sports and Multiplayer Games Have Caught Up the Fancy of Indian Online Gamers

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It’s the IPL season and time for some power-packed action by the mighty players and their teams. While the ardent cricket lovers would never let get off even a single opportunity of following up with their favourite teams, there is a new breed of sports lovers who are parallels working their strategies by forming their own dream teams. Yes! We are indeed talking about the fantasy sport which is driven by the young breed of sports lovers whose number has risen to two million last year. According to Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and AC Nielsen’s report, their numbers are going to cross over 100 million by 2020.

For the beginners, fantasy sport is basically a game where participants can choose their own imaginary teams of real players of various teams that a competing against each other in a league. The success rate of this team depends on the real performance of players in the league matches. Fantasy sports are played for not just cricket alone. Games like kabaddi, football and basketball are hot favourites too.

On the other end of the spectrum are multiplayer games like online rummy which is enjoying a growing popularity among online gamers. According to KPMG online gaming report, the Indian online gaming market is currently valued at USD 290 million and is expected to grow to USD 1 billion by 2021. The online gaming industry has different genres of games but it’s the skill-based games like fantasy sport and multiplayer games like rummy which are witnessing great growth.

Several factors are expected to enable the rapid growth of these genres in the coming days.

Increase in the number of digital payment users

As all these games initially took off as free-to-play games, their growing popularity has led online gamers to move towards pay-to-play mode with in-app purchases. Also, the ease in making online payments has further added to these growth data. It is expected that the digital payment users in the country are expected to grow to 300 million by 2020 – a growth fostering trend where spending on online games is also an integral part of young generation’s entertainment needs.

The growth of local talent

Whether it is the number of companies operating fantasy sports or the number of local developers, one important parameter worth acknowledging is their growing number of local talent. Till 2016, there were only a handful of companies in the fantasy sports space. But today, there are more around 60 operators with the likelihood of a new operator being added every week. On the developer front, the local developer ecosystem is all poised for an impressive growth with 100+ online game developers expected to be added in the next four to five years’ time frame.

Localized games

The growing demand for localized games in the form of themes and gaming content has helped the developers to develop games in according to local preferences and languages. By 2021, according to KPMG report, the Indian language internet users are expected to increase to around 540 million. As the country gears up for a spectacular growth, the world’s focus is fixed on the Indian market.

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