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  John Abraham

Subject: Handsome

You are a very handsome man and I like your body

Posted by datta waghmare on 10/31/2011 7:57:08 PM

Subject: My favorite actor

John you r a Complete Man.

Posted by Arjun Bagul on 7/12/2011 4:16:01 PM

Subject: Real Beauty

John is the only Beautiful Man in the world.

Posted by Suthan on 7/8/2011 12:29:15 AM

Subject: CHASTE

John is smart elegant and fashionable...pure in style

Posted by SHAM on 6/24/2011 4:13:52 PM

Subject: love waching him

he is a perfect and a very innocent guy love him he handsome

Posted by iredia on 12/8/2009 4:19:24 PM

Subject: jhon

he is a perfect man i love him so much really jhon

Posted by sheekha on 10/24/2009 5:25:18 PM

Subject: hi

yes,you are super model.

Posted by sdgf on 8/21/2009 4:03:51 PM

Subject: love

I Jes love johnny boy

Posted by nashu on 6/2/2009 4:49:46 PM

Subject: better

he is cool n handsome. i know government has not gay approved marriage yet. if gov had approved i would have married him

Posted by sagar on 5/28/2009 9:10:18 AM

Subject: comments on john

u r so sexy guy keep it up

Posted by vivek tiwari on 4/24/2009 12:17:11 PM

Subject: Model

yes,this is a super model.

Posted by Rahul kumar on 4/21/2009 4:26:16 PM

Subject: luv u

JOHN i like u sooooo much,u r d best actor, men nd model.i like ur smile, ur style, ur eyes nd every thing.ever heir style suits on u.i love to see u everytime on my TV,posters,PC,nd everywere.u r looking awesome in jism, madhoshi,dostana,paap,dhoom,aitbaar,,, oh...every time nd every movie. iI LOVE U SO much..john u r my jaan.

Posted by neelima on 2/25/2009 12:13:00 PM

Subject: nera john

East or west john is the best he is the most attractive and handsome guy in the world i love you sooooooooooooo much he is the sexiest man in the world i am a big fan of you i adore you really my dreams is all about you . love you so much from the egyptian girl roshini

Posted by roshini on 1/14/2009 3:02:42 AM

Subject: Love

i love your work in every flim you have done.you are the best.I love your cute smile and you look great.

Posted by anuradha on 12/19/2008 2:44:28 PM

Subject: johnyy

i think he is a perfect & stylish actor in bollywood. he is ousum.

Posted by piyush malhotra on 12/15/2008 12:50:09 PM


HI i am mayuri garud from pune .i find you very cute and you have shown a tremendous improvement in your acting and i really liked your performance in dostana .keep the good work going.........take care

Posted by MAYURI on 12/11/2008 10:21:52 AM

Subject: suerte

your so handsome.....i like the way you smile....

Posted by suerte on 10/15/2008 8:55:37 AM

Subject: Hia

He s so cute

Posted by dhffffosfls on 10/3/2008 3:58:38 PM

Subject: john abraham

I like this very much as he has pleasant looking face and a very handsome man should be in the first ranking.

Posted by john on 9/27/2008 1:47:30 PM

Subject: ugly

ur ugly

Posted by vft cfr on 7/31/2008 6:20:48 AM

Subject: john abraham rocks

east or west john Abraham is the most handsome guy.. no one is there , who is better than john Abraham...

Posted by jiya on 6/19/2008 10:48:20 AM

Subject: handsome


Posted by sakshi tyagi on 3/26/2008 10:42:43 AM

Subject: John Abraham

Gosh he's gorgeous

Posted by Peter on 3/8/2008 5:42:00 PM

Subject: my favorite

awesome body shape n looks

Posted by seshi on 3/5/2008 10:37:30 PM

Subject: hero

Actually he is a perfect handsome guy.

Posted by Isha on 1/9/2008 11:02:29 AM

Subject: john

He is really too sweet and attractive. According to me he is no. 1 , Aamir Khan is no.2 , Jimmy Shergill is no. 3 & no.4 is Sudhanshu pandey.

Posted by sripan on 12/31/2007 9:55:00 PM

Subject: need adjusment

not so handsome dino morea more handsome but anyway must do adjusment on acting, no imporvement mainly on feeling catergory. good luck

Posted by sharma on 11/24/2007 2:51:28 AM

Subject: so cool guy

I liked him very much in Deepa's Mehta film -Water-.He is going to be a good actor.Of course is a very handsome guy!

Posted by kalanou on 9/8/2007 2:20:56 AM

Subject: Jonh is Jon

he is one of the handsome and sex appeal man in the world

Posted by shantu on 3/22/2007 2:41:15 AM

Subject: To appreciate talent

i consider john a talented and stylish actor

Posted by jasmine on 2/14/2007 11:24:47 PM

Subject: johnyyyyyyyyy

u r really hot & handsome.

Posted by sumit on 2/9/2007 12:49:00 PM

Subject: hi

he is very sweet, good looking, should have 2nd rank.

Posted by bharti on 12/14/2006 12:23:38 PM

Subject: cuttie

john u r soooo cute and sexy.i should be ur girlfriend

Posted by sarna on 12/1/2006 10:10:15 PM

Subject: u rock!!

well,u'r my dashing favorite actor n u'r the best. Great body n mind-blowing star, he's a superb n handsome man..

Posted by Humaira on 12/1/2006 7:22:37 PM

Subject: Hi

I think you are very handsomethanks

Posted by Pooja on 11/30/2006 2:10:04 AM

Subject: dear

very nice&cute

Posted by armineh on 9/14/2006 6:07:30 AM

Subject: after slaman

after slaman you are good looking

Posted by rokiatu on 7/3/2006 8:31:46 PM

Subject: put on

always try 2 put some cloths while on screen

Posted by cool on 6/12/2006 7:53:26 PM

Subject: john abraham

he is very beautiful and good looking wow

Posted by jennifer mackenzie on 5/25/2006 11:22:04 PM

Subject: hi

hi this is twinkle and i want u to send this mail to john ?

Posted by twinkle on 5/13/2006 1:17:46 PM

Subject: love you a lot

hey u are so hut i love your smille and your stylehope keep up always love ambiya from U,S,A

Posted by ambiya on 5/12/2006 12:46:49 AM

Subject: handsome

u are amazing star. i am very happy for you. i like you so much that i can't imagine in my dreams.i loove u.

Posted by samina on 4/28/2006 4:18:13 PM

Subject: biggest fan

john you are attractive, passion, cool, you are mindblowing. u are cool i love you very much....

Posted by rose on 4/3/2006 10:01:41 PM

Subject: good looking

john you are very best and your personality is very cool. when you laughed you look so cool. your hair is very nice.and your height is look like very nice.

Posted by misbeauty786 on 4/3/2006 9:51:00 PM

Subject: john

john is very handsome. i like him very much.

Posted by muskan on 3/30/2006 3:37:23 PM

Subject: my favourite

john is my favourite actor. i like john very much. and his height i don't have any words to say more abou john abraham. when i saw him in Dhoom he is so cool.

Posted by muskan on 3/30/2006 3:26:46 PM

Subject: john

what u do in u r life plz tellme

Posted by nitin sharma on 3/22/2006 10:14:06 PM

Subject: comment

he the most handsome guy.he shold ve been on the topmost position

Posted by mukesh on 3/10/2006 11:49:45 PM



Posted by ANJALI on 3/1/2006 10:36:58 AM

Subject: hi hunk

hi john u r the sexiest man in this universe.u r my jaan u r my jove,u r my frend & u r my subkuch.all the best john.i love u

Posted by TAnisha on 2/7/2006 3:28:56 PM

Subject: acting

I loved your work in Deepa Methas film WATER.

Posted by fiona on 2/7/2006 12:18:47 PM

Subject: cool dude

u r a perfect man and hero. i like u and trying to be like u.

Posted by mizanul on 2/1/2006 1:35:33 PM

Subject: AGED

salam...chettoori John..khube?

Posted by call me JEM on 1/20/2006 5:51:24 PM

Subject: john a diplomatic moroon

yes he is a diplomatic moroon with good looks to hide his wickedness.

Posted by amulen on 1/12/2006 10:57:59 PM

Subject: John

You are my hero,You are the best

Posted by Priya on 1/5/2006 11:24:44 PM



Posted by ANDY on 12/26/2005 7:03:42 PM

Subject: john

i love you

Posted by shaima on 12/17/2005 2:13:52 AM

Subject: handsome

john is the synonym of the word handsome

Posted by shruti on 12/14/2005 11:05:38 AM

Subject: john

john is the best. He is the man of today

Posted by nikitha on 12/14/2005 11:02:58 AM

Subject: john

i will die for u john

Posted by saila on 12/14/2005 10:34:58 AM

Subject: John

you are so goodlooking.. my favourite star

Posted by Sheetal on 12/13/2005 1:33:45 PM

Subject: jhon

jhon ur a smart guy.\i wish u best of luck for ur feature.

Posted by dheeraj on 12/12/2005 1:40:04 PM

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