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25 - 4 - 2019

PCOD problem from beginning what measure to be taken to cure pcod

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5 - 12 - 2018

Am 27 yr old married 2yrs back.was diagnosed as pcos 12 yrs back as went through a usg due to absence of periods at the age of 15.during these i had medicine like metformin folic acid and some ocp's.i wasnt that much serious about my condition till my marriage.and i wasnt on a strict diet n excercise. help me with this condition pls. Nowdays am feeling mentally depressed by thinking about unable to concieve...

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10 - 8 - 2018

Thank you for giving such an useful information

   Shraddha , India
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2 - 8 - 2018

Thank you so much for giving such a good explanation about pcod/pcos it helps us a lot🙏🏻

   Namarta Sharmata, Himachal pradesh
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12 - 7 - 2018

Hi sir..i am 19 years old and is suffering from bilateral polysystic ovaries...even i am medicines but there is effect on ..when first time i was diagonsed with this pcod it was only in my right side but after 3 month it was also on left side...i want to get rid of this problm ...plz sir help me with this...i am greaty frustrated with my this problem.. contact :

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21 - 6 - 2018

Helpful very good

   Pooja, kerala
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18 - 3 - 2016

Sir..I was under treatment for pcos since last 5 months and I got conceived after 3 months of treatment but after 2 months of pregnancy missed abortion occurs due to low heartbeats and lack of fluid. Why its happens so sir? Is it a part of pcos..any cures?

   Prity Saini, Jamshedpur
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18 - 5 - 2015

Sir,madam, I m22 yr old female married 2 yrs, no issue,suffering from pcod on metformin already,erlier ms cycle was iregular but my dr perscribe me diaen 35 to prpoper my cycle,since 3 cycle im taking clomiphene citrate ,in ovualtion n follicular study follicular ok n prpruptured n size n all,but still i mnot able to concieve please help me dr

   Chiya, Pune
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18 - 7 - 2014

Thanks for the information

   Monika, Delhi
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17 - 11 - 2013

I had ectopic surgery in oct 2012,now doctor has told pcos but having normal periods, have no baby

   bhagi, ananthapur
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4 - 10 - 2013

I got pcod.. Can u suggest me a diet

   SAJANA K A, Kanjiramattom,Ernakulam
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3 - 9 - 2013

SIR,I am MCA student.i have PCOD syndrome. My weight is about 74 kilos. Iam staying in the college hostel of MA college,Kothamangalam..i am very depressed,bcoz my weight has increased day by day...and having irregular periods..i need your soon as i will meet u..i want to fully escape from this disease.kindly help me sir......

   Aditi, India
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24 - 10 - 2012

Thank you sir, i really got a ray of hope through you, i am 28 yrs unmarried female, before some months, i knew about my health problems as i suffering from polycystic ovarian disease. My ultra sound report explained with "both ovaries appears slightly bulky with multiple small follicles arranged peripherally, no obvious adnexal mass, right ovary measures 1.6 by 1.6cm. volume-12cc;left ovary measures 2.3 by2 cm. volume-8cc.and no free fluid in pouch of Douglas. HB- 12.8.

I also have another problems like, irregular menses 2-3 months gaping and after that 3 days discharge. hair drying, hair loss, mental stress, body pains,unhappy, piles .

sir, plz help me and give proper way and tell, Is it curable ? and is any problem for pregnancy? E-mail :

   Sushma, Hyderabad
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2 - 6 - 2012

very detailedly xplaind abt PCOD problm and very usefull suggestion r been gvn thankss

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5 - 2 - 2012

i have pcod, is it curable?? pls help me and also i have problem of overweight can i get problem in my

   Nasrin, Srinagar
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17 - 6 - 2011

guide line for treatment of infertility.. E-mail

   Dr.Sagheer Ahmed, Pakistan
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10 - 3 - 2011

PCOS can be cured with Homeopathy!

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is the leading cause of infertility among women, and it is said it is almost impossible to get rid of this trouble. Traditional Allopathic medicines do not work for PCOS but homeopathic has complete solution for PCOS and infertility. I have experienced many successful cases in my clinical practice. I am sharing a story of woman who diagnosed with PCOS and then her PCOS relieved by homeopathic medicines...

(Dear friends,

I've been diagnosed as as "normal" during my last medical exam and have been declared to be "PCOS-free"! Homeopathy made it possible! I'd like to share my experience with you...

I am a 27 year old woman (of Indian origin) in the USA who suffered from the symptoms of PCOS since the age of 13 but got diagnosed correctly only at the age of 21(A sonogram confirmed my condition).

I always had a history of irregular/heavy/prolonged (sometime even upto 2 months) of bleeding. I have a lean physique and marked hirsutism, hair loss and mild acne highlighting my polycystic condition.

After several years of hormonal treatment that never treated the base problem, I started with homeopathic treatment. My doctor put me on radium bromide (biochemical salt for acne), thuja 1m (for hirsutism) and Fraxinus Americana (mother tincture for cysts). I saw marked in hair growth on my hands and legs within 2 months. After about 6 months, the acne improved and so did my hair loss rate. My periods started getting normal - they kept coming only once in 4 months but the bleeding was normal and terminated in 5-6 days.

After 1 year of treatment, the doctor replaced thuja with Pulsatilla 1m. After another 6 months with the new medicines, the periods have settled to the normal frequency of 27-28 days! I cannot believe that for the first time in my life my periods are actually normal! My sonogram also came clear!

My Acne has improved drastically but much unwanted facial hair still remains. My doctor says that continuing with medicines will help.

My aim in writing my story is tell all of those who feel hopeless that God has made ways to find us a cure. I pray sincerely that all of you find the way that suits you best!!)

Homeopathy offers many treatments for the symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). The advantage of homeopathy is it offers treatment free of side effects at a minimum expense. The disadvantage of Homeopathy is that the right treatment is chosen with references to the whole person, not just the diagnosis written on the chart at the doctor’s office.
The first thing women need to know to choose the right remedy is to understand the patterns of symptoms treated by the various remedies. The symptoms of PCOS can vary from day to day, but the right homeopathic remedy can help you find relief for weeks and months without interruption. And with the right PCOS diet and fertility foods, you can get even better results. Sugar and rice are very harmful for PCOS. Do not eat these things during your treatment.

Now I am going to prescribe some very effective homeopathic medicines for PCOS. I got 90% success during my clinical practice by using these miraculous medicines for PCOS but still I would say symptoms are very important. Use these medications only after consulting a doctor.

First Month
Pulstilla 1M
Start PCOS treatment with high dose of Puls. Only one dose within 10 days.

From the Next day

Pulstilla 30 (03 doses per day with the gap of 4 hours)
Nat Mur 30 (03 doses per day with the gap of 4 hours)

Use these medicines for one month and then inform me. Kindly send me your all symptoms in detail...

Dr.Sagheer Ahmed

Contact No: 92-321-2900406

   Romy, Mumbai
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9 - 3 - 2011

Age 34 weight: 49 , height: 5'1 , Married (2000) , Kid 1 (5years) ,

first started with my irregular menstral period when i was 22.. it would be few months normal and suddenly i would miss my periods for 2 months..

After marriage had problem of conceiving test were done prolactin was showing above normal (35) medication were going on ... as I was fed up i stopped with the medication and led normal life.. One fine day my test showed me that i was pregnant..

After pregnacy my period were again normal.. when my baby was 2years i again conceived but had to terminate the child due to family problems.. my menstrual period was going on normal . Again from 2009 again faced the same problem missed my period for 2 mths but without any medication i got it back. now too i do get my menstral period but every month with the delay of 10 days( if this month i got my menstral period on 4th so next month it will 13th or 14th) Rest I am very fit..

no other issues ... Pls advice me whether this can be curable. Can i conceive without any medication will my cyst dissappear.

Thank You Romy (

   Dr: T. K. Alexander, Kochi
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26 - 2 - 2011

Organopathic Herbal Medicines can cure PCOD without side effect.... ,Homeopathic Research Center ,Kottayam, 686603, They will send medicines..

   Pooja Bhardwaj, Delhi
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16 - 10 - 2010

Hello, I am pooja 26 year female too suffering from pcod and was not getting its proper treatment with consultation of gynae she refers me steroids which is dangerous if taken for long time . Can you do me favor by sending proper treatment for it Thankss

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