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On National Doctors’ Day, a big salute to the doctors of the nation

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Dr Jeeson C Unni,
Senior consultant, Paediatrician

The dates of the observation of National Doctors’ Day are different for every nation. However, the custom of celebrating a day dedicated to the doctors first originated in the United States by Eudora Brown Almond. The first Doctors' Day observance was held on March 30, 1933, by the Barrow County Alliance, in Winder, Georgia. The idea of setting aside a day to honor physicians was conceived by Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, and the recognition occurred on the anniversary of the first administration of anesthesia by Dr. Crawford W. Long in Jefferson, Georgia, in 1842.

Brazil celebrates it on 18th October to commemorate the birthday of Saint Luke as celebrated by Catholic churches.

National Doctors’ Day is observed as National Physicians Day in Canada on 1st May. The date was chosen because it is the birth date of the first female physician to practice in Canada – Dr. Emily Stowe.

National Doctor’s day is observed on July 1 in India, to commemorate the birth anniversary of a respected physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. This great man was a physician, an educationist, a philanthropist, a freedom fighter and a statesman all rolled into one. Roy believed that swaraj (the call to action for India's freedom) would remain a dream unless the people were healthy and strong in mind and body.

The Government of India established Doctor's Day in India in in 1991 to recognize the contributions of the man who played an important role in the establishment of MCI (Medical Council of India) and IMA (Indian Medical Association) to acknowledge the role of doctors in the progress of this nation.

It is a day on which my tribe – the doctors of our country – are recognised and appreciated for their selfless service that does God’s work.

God’s work I say because all Gods did 2 things – healing and teaching – and doctor is only doing what God orders her or him to do.

And as this COVID pandemic pans out and hospitals teem with hundreds and thousands of infected people, doctors' lives are at great risk as they tirelessly work toward curing their patients. So it’s a great time to recognise the significance of the health professionals in our society and pay homage to their contributions. National Doctor’s Day is a perfect time to take a pause and remember the sacrifice of these individuals which comes at a personal cost.

To be a good doctor the person needs to be

A good listener – a good communicator. Good communication isn’t just for being friendly with patients. It’s also a vital skill for doctors to understand their patients’ concerns and explain a diagnosis. Should be capable of helping patients feel empowered to improve their own health.

Be organised and conscientious (wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly) - School children are taught from a young age to practice organization in order to be successful in school. And for good reason — one can’t succeed in medicine without presence of mind and being vigilant about details. Need to be vigilant about following up on any tests that are done and communicating those results

Make patient feel he is cared for. It doesn’t matter to patients if you were the top of your class. Building rapport and establishing good working relationships, 

Be curious. When presented with befuddling symptoms, a good doctor should allow their inherent curiosity to lead them to an accurate diagnosis, even if it means tapping into resources they don’t usually need to come to a diagnosis. extra research, reaching out to colleagues, or taking more time to gather a detailed history.

Team work and appropriate referrals. understand that it is not a one-man show, but rather key players on the greater medical team. Being able to work well with others is imperative.

Be a strong advocate for their patients. Being helpful in every possible way - willing to go the extra mile for their patients’ well-being.

Be well mannered. Essential to establish a trusting relationship – be professional, kind, and compassionate to everyone, including patients, their families, colleagues, and staff

There are several ways for you to celebrate National Doctors’ Day -

- Send a thank you card or flowers to your family doctor.
- Go through the history of medical science and aware yourself with some legendary doctors.
- Join a local event or host a small event yourself to honor doctors in your society.
- Pledge to yourself that come what may, you will never dishonor the profession of a doctor.
- Inspire others to respect and acknowledge the efforts of doctors in the overall well-being of society.


National Doctors’ Day is a very significant occasion both for the doctors as well as for the society they serve. Without doctors, society would be plagued with diseases and soon end. It is essential that the efforts of doctors be applauded to inspire them and motivate them to tread pridefully on the path of service to society.

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