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5 Frequently Asked Questions about the Efficiency of Water Purifiers

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Many prospective buyers feel intimidated about investing in a water purifier as they have plenty of unanswered questions in their mind. Irrespective of whether they would prefer to buy RO water purifiers or UV purifiers, here are few frequently asked questions that can help buyers to understand the efficiency of water purifiers.

Why Should We Purchase RO Purification System? What Process Does It Follow to Purify Water?

Installing RO systems at home ensures that the additional salt content that is unnecessarily present in drinking water is removed and we get the desired quality of drinking water, which doesn't affect our body functioning.

The process of RO water purification is the finest purification process till date. It makes use of a semi-permeable membrane to remove salts from brackish water. The application of water pressure to the concentrated side reverses the osmosis process. With adequate pressure, treated water is passed to the diluted site from the concentrated side. The RO membrane now repels the charged ions, which are nothing but the dissolved salts in water. The rejected impurities present on the membraneís concentrated side are washed off along with the waste water, thus dispensing purified water for drinking.

Does Water Purifier Enhance the Taste of the Drinking Water?

Everyone wishes to drink pure and tasty water, which is healthy as well. Not all purifiers enhance the taste of drinking water. Itís important that you opt for water purifiers integrated with mineral RO technology that retains the essential natural minerals in water and thus dispenses tasty drinking water.

How Do We Conserve Water That Is Rejected by Purifiers?

When we talk about the efficiency of water purifiers, itís obvious that the efficiency is something that is associated with the purification level and taste of drinking water. However, efficiency at water conservation is also a vital consideration in todayís world, which is facing serious environmental threats. Normally,50 percent of untreated water is rejected by water purifiers as unfit for drinking. This water can be used for cleaning purposes like mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom. Reusing the rejected water will help you conserve water.

How Much Do We Have to Spend on Maintaining Water Purifiers?

How efficient is your water purifier in terms of maintenance? For the first year, you barely have to spend anything for maintenance apart from purchasing the purifier. Regularly cleaning the appliance is a part of maintenance. Apart from that, filters need to be replaced as per the manufacturerís instructions, which is usually once in a year or six months.

Does the Water Purification Process Remove All the Essential Minerals Required by Our Body?

Thereís a misconception that the water purification process removes all the essential minerals needed by human body. However, this is not true for all purifiers. Kentís water purifier comes with a TDS controller that retains the necessary natural minerals in water. So, itís crucial that you consider this aspect while researching about various water purifier models and opt for one that comes with TDS controller. This enhances the efficiency of water purifiers.

These are the questions that people generally ask to understand the efficiency of water purifiers. This will ultimately help you to make the right choice of purifier.

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