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Nutritional Value: How Beta Carotene is Important to Human Body?

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Many of you have heard about different revolutions in every country. But no one has ever thought about revolutions for lack of nutritional food.

You might be shocked a single lady in United States is creating revolution for nutritional diet. Yes she is Michelle Obama who is circulating nutritional habits. Many of you must be having healthy habits but the number of people who spread the message is very less.

Individual is responsible for his mental and physical health. You will get the same which you have intake. Nutritious food maintains mental and physical health. There is list of nutrients and minerals that are required to maintain your health and fitness.

This article will focus on one of the important nutrients Beta Carotene. There are other benefits of beta carotene but the most common and important is it enhances vision power.

Beta Carotene: Beta carotene belongs to family of carotenoids. Carotenoids are pigment present in plants. It is helpful in providing colors to fruits and vegetables. It is abundant in nature; approximately there are 500 carotenoids like alpha, beta, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein and many more.

Carotenoid was first derived from the carrot roots. Hence it is now known as carotenoids.

It is macrobiotic and chemically grouped as hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid.

Yellow and orange fruits as well as vegetables are colored with this strongly colored pigment. It is converted to vitamin A. Once it is consumed, vitamin A is responsible for performing number of biological functions in human body. Vitamin A is known as antioxidant to protect cells from damaging effects of harmful free radicals.

Carotenoids are known as provitamin A and acts as originator for production of vitamin A in body.

Some carotenoids like lycopene, zeaxanthin and lutein are not featured for converting into vitamin A.

Beta carotene has been the leading source of vitamin A in vegetarian diet. About 50% of vitamin A is derived from beta carotene and carotene family.

Nowadays beta carotene is processed synthetically

Palm oil, Algae and Fungi are alternate sources for Beta Carotene. Moreover it is produced artificially also.

Vitamin A is having its own importance in human body. It is used in formation of important element glycoproteins. It is essential for vision and later utilized for growth and cell differentiation, immune system, reproductive systems and others.

Importance of Beta carotene to human body:

When consumed beta carotene, it gets converted into vitamin A in the small intestine. Vitamin A is also known as Retinol. Surplus amount of retinol is saved in liver, and when it seems deficiency of vitamin A makes active vitamin A as and when needed.

Important thing is, it is only fat soluble and not water. Avoid consuming more amount of fat average ratio should be 3 to 5 grams. Carotenoids balanced in oil are more sop-up then those in water and food.

Below is the ratio in which an individual needs the proportion of beta carotene:

Adult male and female needs 3000 & 2310 International units respectively. Whereas an infant of 7-12 months of age needs 1650 IU; 1-3 years need 1000 IU, 1320 IU for 4-8 years of children, 2000 IU for 9-13 years. It is advisable to consume mix carotenoids of 15000 IU per day starting from age of 13 and above.

Carotenoids help in cell communication by developing better appearance of gene for connecxin. The proteins collected creates gap among cell crusts which further allow cells to communicate through exchange of small molecules.

Benefits of Beta Carotene to your health:

The most known feature is it is involved in creation of vitamin A. vitamin A is important for healthy mucus membranes and skin. Below are some more advantages of it.

1. Physical Fitness:

A healthy & rich food in beta carotene shrinks the chances of cardiovascular diseases to sufficient extent. Beta carotene and vitamin E works together to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thus it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.

Beta carotene play significant role in fighting against cancer. The antioxidant gives their best to fight against cancer. Moreover it helps the cells in proper communication this results in stopping the growth of cancer cells. Beta carotene rich food is good to fight against breast, colon, oral cavity and lung cancers.

3. Benefits Brain:

Beta carotene has proved to be best for brain. It helps human brain from cognitive ageing. It fights oxidating stress that harms our brain cells to reduce the risk of mental disorder.

4. Respiratory Disorder:

Beta carotene strengthens lungs capacity, keeps away from respiratory disease. It keeps away from breathing ailments like asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

5. Prevents Diabetes:

It is revealed, sufficient amount of beta carotene reduces risk of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes.

This is just a glimpse there are many more benefits that will help you keep perfectly fit. There are many natural sources also to procure beta carotene. Today there are many products available in market that will help you to fight against deficiency of beta carotene and other useful nutrients.


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