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The Best Ways to Maintain Your Fashion and Style after Motherhood

  By : , Chennai, India       14.1.2019         Mail Now

Motherhood is one of the best feelings a woman can experience in her life. It adds a whole new dimension to her life and completely changes her life as she knows it. With that being said, motherhood also changes the style and fashion preference of a woman, which needs some time getting used to. The jeans worn before motherhood will no longer cut it, and regular bras will only make the situation worse. To help maintain your style and fashion after childbirth, the following are some of the most fashionable and comfortable clothes you can wear.

Maternity Clothes

Yes, you read that right – maternity clothes can still be your friend even after you come home from the hospital with your newborn baby in your arms. Instead of boxing the maternity clothes after returning home, continue to wear them, especially the ones with bottoms consisting of an elastic waist below the belly. Not only will these clothes provide a lot of comfort, but you can still maintain your daily fashion by wearing them. You can find plenty of cute and stylish maternity wear both online and at your local shopping center. You can even find many such maternity wear by searching for #StyleTheBump on Instagram!


If you feel like you have had enough of maternity wear, then you can try going for stretchy clothes such as yoga pants. You can go for any cheap, basic wear as long as it has a stretchy waistband. These clothes will hold your stomach and hips in shape, and make them look smoother – and even smaller! Just make sure to keep away from overly-compressing shapewear if you do choose to go for this option.

You can now also get specially designed postpartum shapewear such as leggings and pencil skirts, which you can wear with cute, matching tank tops to complete your look.

Go Ethnic

If you are concerned that fitting clothes will make your tummy look like a deflated basketball, then you can go for Indian dresses which will leave lots of space for your tummy. Instead of fitting snugly, loose clothes will drape over and away from your midsection, and still look fashionable. Empire-waist dresses, t-shirt dresses, and tunics and tops with ruching can all be worn to great effects.

However, you should make sure to stay away from excessively ethnic clothes, as they put a lot of weight on your body. To avoid this, you can try wearing a roomy top with tailored pants. This will keep you light and comfortable while simultaneously making you appear fashionable.

The Classic Look

You can always fall back to the classic look of a black shirt and jeans to maintain your style. Only this time, wear Maternity Jeans instead of regular jeans. Since your body will change quite dramatically over the next few weeks, the slightly stretchy and larger maternity jeans are a fantastic bet when it comes to appearing fashionable. These jeans will provide you both comfort and style during the time your body recovers and goes back to how it was before your baby was born.

Use Accessories to Complete the Look

Accessories play a huge part in maintaining the style and fashion of a woman. Even if you wear a simple dress, the correct accessories can make you look like a guest of an Oscar’s after party. You can wear long, beaded necklaces, or chains with pendants ending at your cleavage, or even lower. This makes you look slimmer by creating an elongating illusion. You can also wear long, dangly earrings instead of studs, as these will brighten, and draw attention, to your face instead of the other parts of your body.

If you are not a fan of jewelry, then you can go for scarves which contrast with your top. Wearing long scarves ending at your thigh provides an added advantage – these hide your stomach as well as making you appear very fashionable.

So there you go – the most comfortable and fashionable things you can wear after childbirth. Every woman deserves to maintain the highest possible level of fashion, and these clothes will help you to do just that, all the while giving your body the rest and comfort it deserves for postpartum recovery. Follow these guidelines, and you just cannot go wrong.

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