Saturday, November 25, 2017

Metal Engraving

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Aluminium sheet
Metal Tools
Glass paints
Black enamel paint


Stick the four corners of the trace of the decided design on the metal sheet. Using a ball pointed pen draw over the trace applying force. As the metal sheet is quite fragile, the impression of the traced out line will be prominent on the aluminium sheet. Since  force is applied on the trace, it cannot be used again. Take a designer tool and press over the traced out line turning the wrist to the right and left during each press, so that a designed out line comes on the picture.

Now using the scrape tool, scrape off the aluminium neatly on the design towards one direction without spoiling the outline. So that the picture will have a perfect look. Paint the picture with glass paint. To make the art attractive paint the back ground of the picture with black enamel paint. This is a good piece of art which can be hung in the house, shops, and hotels.