Friday, November 24, 2017

Charcoal Stumpting

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Materials Required
Charcoal  Powder
Charcoal Pencil
Paper Stumps
Newspaper Bits
Hand made paper



Select the design and trace it on the hand made paper. Now using the charcoal pencil draw the `outline of the traced picture to make it prominent. Spread the charcoal powder on the design and rub it all over the design using paper stumps or newspaper bits. The charcoal powder gives a very dark appearance to the design. Now  decide on the darker and lighter portions of the design. On the darker portions rub some more charcoal powder and also  darken the outlines once more with the charcoal pencil. On the lighter portions of the design, use the eraser and erase slowly to one direction until you get the desired effect. the natural texture of the hand made paper complements the light and dark shading of the design.
Drawings of striped animals like tigers, Zebras etc will look good in this art.