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First-ever International Blockchain Congress to be held in Goa on August 5

Panaji | Thursday, Aug 2 2018 IST: The Department of Information Technology, Government of Goa, in collaboration with NITI Aayog and Nucleus Vision will be hosting India's first-ever International Blockchain Congress in Goa with the aim of bringing together renowned speakers and thought leaders to deliberate on how we can make India the next blockchain capital of the world on August 5.

According to a statement here on Thursday, the IBC will bring together innovators, businesses, technologists, regulators, startups and enthusiasts to pave the way for an open and transparent blockchain powered world. It will provide a platform for several eminent corporate and government leaders, regulators, industry experts, and innovators to come together and indulge in thought-provoking conversations on how blockchain can be used -- in enterprise next-generation financial services, and in governance.

The event will also have global crypto based-exchange firms coming together to discuss the advantages and adoption methods of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with regulatory personnel for governance. The conference will have a number of eminent international and local speakers and guests including Rohan Khaunte, IT Minister, Goa; Frans Kempen, Blockchain Lead for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry, IBM Netherlands; Portia B Conrad, National Security Agency; Jeremy Gardner, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ausum Ventures; Oz Azim Sultan, Chief Strategist, Sultan Interactive Group; and Joshua Garcia, Principal, Ketsal Consulting, among others.

IBC will feature a number of panel discussions on relevant topics including, Blockchain as a tool for good governance, Implementation and adoption of Blockchain in the Indian scenario, State of Blockchain Globally, Blockchain and Healthcare, Blockchain and Gaming, Disruption in Retail Industry Through Blockchain, and, Can ICOs be the new IPOs?

A series of parallel tracks with specially curated content for different audiences will also run in parallel auditoriums through the day.

Developer and Startup Track The conference will have a dedicated track for the startup and tech audience. Tech giant IBM is hosting workshops on Blockchain and its impact on business and another on how to build blockchain networks to transfer assets.

The conference will also feature a parallel Government and Media Track which will showcase how governments around the world are using blockchain, with representatives from NSA, Sri Lanka and Malaysia in attendance. Speakers include Portia B. Conrad, NSA; Ahmed al Balaghi, Viewfin MD (Intrapreneur), FTC Community Partner Dubai, Fintech and Blockchain Researcher; and Srikar Varadaraj, Global Strategy Lead, Dunya Labs.

There will also be media sessions tailored to media professionals with topics ranging from the role of blockchain in Media to deciphering blockchain myths perpetuated by the media, the statement added.

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