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Loyakk announces world's first blockchain-powered platform for decentralised business networks

London [UK], Feb 12 (ANI-NewsVoir): Loyakk Inc., the provider of enterprise relationship management applications, announced Vega, the world's first blockchain-enabled Enterprise Relationship Management solution for decentralized business networks.
There will be a pool of one billion tokens of which 183 Million are being offered for purchase in this Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Loyakk has leading global companies as customers and is managed by a world-class team with experience at companies such as SAP, IBM, Oracle-Siebel, VMware, ETrade and HP. The company is backed by a global advisory team of seasoned luminaries in business and technology.

Loyakk is building transformative 'Enterprise Value Webs', which are decentralized, distributed, digital ecosystem structures, powered and protected by blockchain technology, said Salim Ali, CEO, Loyakk, Inc.

"Our patent-pending technology and solutions helps adapt blockchain technology to transform the way enterprises and their partners across industries create and distribute value to their customers," he added.

In recent years, Blockchain as a means to enable secure, confidential and provenance-enabled transactions across all industries has come to the fore. In India too, Blockchain has caught the eye of powers-that-be. The finance minister, in his recent budget speech spoke about the government's intent to "usher in the digital economy though Blockchain technology", thereby emitting a rally cry for the public and private sectors to jump on to the blockchain bandwagon.

For the Indian government, blockchain offers an intermediary-less, fully secure way to digitise public records and social security data like Aadhar. With its 'Make in India' drive, the Government can encourage manufacturers across all industries to adopt blockchain technology and smart contracts as part of their digitisation process. The service sector too has a lot to benefit from adopting blockchain technology especially in areas of banking and finance, insurance, telecom, infrastructure and more.

"The blockchain-powered Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform offers a secure, data repository on Blockchain that will power Value Webs where Enterprises can share sensitive business data and insights across their business ecosystem and use smart contracts to seamlessly conduct business," said Salim Ali.

Loyakk Ltd. and IStrategies UK will be leveraging this technology and offering an ICO for the Vega project with its breakthrough, patent-pending blockchain-enabled platform for building and managing decentralised business networks.

The Loyakk ICO opens on February 23, 2018.

"Blockchain-powered business networks are a very compelling notion when you consider the needs of business to streamline & secure interactions across the business partner network. Loyakk's vision and platform to create decentralised Value Webs holds much potential," said Anthony Thomas, Global CIO, Nissan Motors and advisor to Loyakk.

The Loyakk Vega blockchain-powered Value Webs will ensure permissioned access for data sharing, value movement and automated business processes via smart contracts so that enterprises can seamlessly conduct business with anyone across the world with unprecedented security and efficiency.

"By reimagining how businesses interact and move data and value between organisations using blockchain, Loyakk has a commendable goal that is grounded in clear thinking and deep enterprise DNA," said Jonathan Becher, ex Chief Digital Officer of SAP and also an advisor to Loyakk.

Loyakk has established multiple technology, services and go-to-market partnerships with leading IT service providers, blockchain technology developers and industry-focused solutions consultants to deliver relevant solutions to customers across industries, globally.

All details regarding the token supply and allocations are available within the Tokenomics document published on http://www.loyakk.io. (ANI-NewsVoir)

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