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Big Eyes Coin is only getting bigger: Will it be bigger than Polygon and Aave after raising USD 6.5 Million?

New Delhi [India], October 11 (ANI/ATK): The cryptocurrency market is highly competitive, with thousands of projects fighting for the attention of the market's big players. To reach the top of the cryptocurrency sector, new projects must have strong use cases as well as utilities, real-world applications, a thriving community, dedicated developers, and effective marketing campaigns.

As a result, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is taking advantage of the incredible enthusiasm and adoption it currently enjoys during the ongoing presale to join the ranks of cryptocurrency heavyweights such as polygon (MATIC) and Aave (AAVE). This post will explain how you can benefit from this innovative meme coin in the coming months.

Bringing The World To Ethereum With Polygon

Many alternative currencies have been released today to reduce the stress on the Ethereum Protocol while capturing a sizable portion of its market share. Polygon is one such token, built as a side chain to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and meant to upscale the Ethereum to accommodate more diversified users while keeping its basic functioning in the cryptocurrency market.

Polygon (MATIC) is mostly used to connect ETH tokens to other blockchain networks. As a result, users are not subject to the hefty gas prices that are frequently associated with the Ethereum network. These users can also send Ethereum assets to the Polygon network for trading purposes without leaving the host Ethereum DApp. The Polygon bridge may move funds to the Ethereum wallet as well.

Polygon is supported by several exchange sites, including Curve Finance and Aave, and these services are available via multiple multi-coin wallets. Because it uses a proof-of-stake consensus process, the network is extremely fast.

Polygon can also be staked on several exchanges to receive passive revenue in the future. MATIC is currently trading at USD 0.7461 in multiple marketplaces, according to CoinMarketCap.

The Open Source Liquidity Protocol - Aave

Aave (AAVE) has evolved as one of the most respected DeFi platforms, providing a safe atmosphere for users to trade and borrow cryptocurrency as well as real-world assets without the use of intermediaries. As the greatest certified platform, it attracts a wide range of developers and users, including individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments.

Aave's model is simple: those who lend earn interest, while those who borrow pay interest on the loans collected. The protocol was designed on Ethereum and accepts all ERC-20 tokens, but it has subsequently been expanded to include additional blockchains like Avalanche, Fantom, and Harmony. It is run by its community through a decentralized autonomous organization in which AAVE token holders vote on crucial issues.

Aave (AAVE) offers DeFi customers a wide range of options, including over 30 pools for Ethereum-based assets as well as other marketplaces on other networks. There are also lending pools for real-world assets such as freight invoices and real properties.

Aave (AAVE) provides these pools as a result of its relationship with Centrifuge, a DeFi technology that allows enterprises to tokenize specific sorts of assets. These tokens can then be freely traded, operating similarly to bonds and earning a consistent dividend.

The Feline Meme Coin - Big Eyes Coin Big Eyes Coin is a new meme cryptocurrency that is expected to transform NFTs for investors. Its pre-sale has raised above USD 6 million, demonstrating the great value it may bring investors. You only have to look at the Big Eyes website to get a sense of the kind of NFTs that will be available. Cats are the major topic, so expect a wide range of colourful and whimsical cat designs, as well as several other cat-related characteristics.

NFT Sushi Crew is Big Eyes coin's marketplace for those who like to collect cute things and participate in exciting activities. These NFTs may not be enough to overcome digital behemoths like The Sandbox or Decentraland. However, what the NFTs guarantee makes a huge difference. Unlike most NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes coin has confirmed that 5% of its total supply would be donated to ocean-saving NGOs. As a result, by investing in Big Eyes and purchasing an NFT, you are helping to create a more pleasant and environmentally friendly environment.

Big Eyes Coin has established itself as an appealing investment with large potential profits. Crypto Analysts recommend that anyone interested in making cryptocurrency-related investments explore Big Eyes Coin, which has the potential to rank high.If you're interested, you can join the presale today for a chance to be a part of what could be the next biggest cryptocurrency.

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