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Varun Datta's firm Truth Ventures invests in Inery Blockchain; the venture capitalist is ready to mentor Inery & help it reach a global scale

New Delhi [India], September 26 (ANI/GPRC): Varun Datta, a venture capitalist & investor, has announced a strategic partnership and investment with Inery, a decentralized data system with his capital venture firm, Truth Ventures.

The two businesses have joined on their journey to promote the use of decentralized databases.

Varun Datta is the founder and CEO of the venture capital firm called Truth Ventures. The venture capital firm invests in startups, early-stage enterprises, and businesses with growth potential in the fields of entertainment, blockchain technology, healthcare, and holistic wellness, internationally.

Inery is one such firm of Varun Datta's preference. For both Web2 and Web3 businesses, Inery resorts to a distinct strategy to decentralize data and data management. It would facilitate the switch to a decentralized web.

Its high throughput, security, and scalability markers assist use cases in a variety of sectors. The healthcare industry, businesses and governments, the real estate and aviation industries, as well as any other industry where data is a valuable resource, fall under this category.

Varun Datta adamantly believes that this innovative technology has the power to bring a revolution in how data is handled. Be it online or offline. With this partnership with Truth Ventures, Inery's ability to realize its full potential will be boosted. And, the drive for widespread decentralized database use in both the standard and Web3 spaces will be aided.

By pairing Truth Ventures with the firm, Varun Datta acknowledges and advocates for Inery's mission and empirical applications as he thinks that the technology has a great chance of achieving widespread adoption.

According to Varun Datta, Founder & CEO of Truth Ventures, the shared objective of this alliance is targeted at making decentralised database administration a standard instead of an exception.

Previously, Varun Datta's Truth Ventures has worked together and invested in notable firms including Gordium Healthcare, Moneto Sports, and Bet Neo, a pioneering gaming hub, and numerous other emerging businesses.

Inery is a decentralized data management system and proprietary layer-1 blockchain. By utilizing blockchain technology, the network makes it possible for database administration to be decentralized, safe, and trusted. To produce a paradigm change in data access, storage, and administration, it combines distributed databases with blockchain functionality.

Since its creation, Inery's layer 1 blockchain and the elegant DB solution built on top of it have drawn interest from the blockchain industry, demonstrating interest in database decentralization and security.

On August 10, 2022, the project launched its first public testnet in anticipation of its upcoming launch. It is also planned to list at the end of the third quarter of 2022.

The multinational investment fund, Truth Ventures, founded and headed by Varun Datta, is committed to identifying, funding, and mentoring market-defining technologies and ideas.

Certainly, this partnership with Inery will give data management a new definition altogether.

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