Monday, July 24, 2017
Roseline Regite, Advocate, Kochi -
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Roseline Regite
Roseline Regite, B.A,LL.B
Kochi, India

I am Roseline. I am an advocate, now working in an IT Company


 My Articles

1. Execution of a Will ( Legal )

Procedures for executing a WILL

A WILL is a legal document, which states the decision made by a person (testator), about th

2. Procedure to File a Consumer Complaint ( Legal )

Procedure to file a Consumer Complaint

Under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, a complaint means any a

3. Cheque Bounce laws / Dishonour of Cheque cases ( Legal )

Recovery of the cheque amount in case of Dishonour of Cheque for the reason of insufficient funds

In most of the business transactions payments (re-paymen

4. Registration of Marriage ( Legal )

Registration of Marriage

In India a marriage can be registered under either of the two marriages Act: 

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 
The Special

5. Motor Accident Claims ( Legal )

Legal procedure to deal with motor accidents

Most of the accidents are caused due to the rash and negligent driving. When a harm or injury is caused to