Saturday, April 29, 2017
Saket Suman, Journalist, IANS, Delhi -
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Saket Suman, -
Journalist, IANS
Delhi, India



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1. Royal nostalgia: Reminiscences of hunting expeditions ( Tourism )

At a time when hotels are largely adopting a modern outlook in terms of their decor and ambience, these two historic lodges in Rajasthan stand tall as reminders of an era gone b

2. Steeped in luxury, Dubai will awe you in more ways than you can think of (Travelogue) ( Tourism )

Board an Emirates flight and all the complaints that one is accustomed to in most budget airlines are instantly sidelined. Comfort and luxury set in as you prepare to take off.

3. Dark and provocative, Taslima Nasrin's latest memoir a tribute to Kolkata ( Books )

Title: Exile - A Memoir; Author: Taslima Nasrin (Translated from Bengali by Maharghya Chakraborty); Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 342; Price: 599