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Vikas Datta, -
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 My Articles

1. The key aide who ensures a US President's success or failure (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: The Gatekeepers; Author: Chris Whipple; Publisher: Crown/Penguin Random House LLC; Pages: 384; Price: Rs 799

2. A surrealistic, supernatural quest in Karachi - and beyond ( Books )

Title: Boy of Fire and Earth; Author: Sami Shah; Publisher: Picador India/Pan Macmillan India; Pages: 368; Price: Rs 499

Humans have long

3. The straight dope about the Fuehrer and the Nazi war machine (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Blitzed - Drugs in Nazi Germany; Author: Norman Ohler (translated by Shaun Whiteside); Publisher: Penguin Books; Pages: 368; Price: Rs 499


4. Nanak, the apostle of oneness, compassion and 'Charhdi Kala' (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Nanak - The Correspondent of the Ultimate; Author: Sumeet D. Aurora; Publisher: Bloomsbury India; Pages: 240; Price: Rs 399

5. The 'Great South Asian War' and its salutary lessons ( Books )

Title: Defeat is an Orphan: How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War; Author: Myra Macdonald; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 328; Price: Rs 59

6. Kishori Amonkar: An incomparable voice, an eclectic innovator (Tribute) ( Arts and Crafts )

Medicine's loss was music's gain. She had planned to cure ailments of the body, but fate planned her to instead to minister to the soul through her incomparable voice -- and inn

7. An Indian eternal man and the philosopher's stone quest ( Books )

Title: Immortal; Author: Krishna Udayasankar; Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 408; Price: Rs 399

Some mythological/folklore motifs can be found in all civi

8. The dark side of Karachi and its violent politics ( Books )

Title: The Party Worker; Author: Omar Shahid Hamid; Publisher: Pan Macmillan India; Pages: 336; Price: Rs 399

Of all vendettas, the most vicious centre o

9. A catalogue of unlikely, unexpected museums around the world ( Books )

Title: The World's 100 Weirdest Museums; Author: Geoff Tibballs; Publisher: Robinson/Hachette India; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 599

If you have a penchant for colle

10. Love and heartbreak, Allahabad style (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Band, Baaja, Boys!; Author: Rachna Singh; Publisher: Amaryllis Books; Pages: 215; Price: Rs 225

11. The knowledge deficit in the information age - and its consequences (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Head in the Cloud - The Power of Knowledge in the Age of Google; Author: William Poundstone; Publisher: Oneworld Publications/Pan Macmillan; Pages: 320; Price: Rs

12. Telling the City of Grace's story: Lucknow's diligent biographer ( Books )

The very name of Lucknow, its 'nazakat' and 'nafasat' still evokes a sense of elegant refinement and culture that no other city in India, or even around the world, can aspire to

13. Negotiating the world by the nose, the doggy way (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Being A Dog; Author: Alexandra Horowitz; Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK; Pages: 336; Price: Rs 550

14. Quo Vadis, Russia? Attempting some answers (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Russia - What Everyone Needs to Know; Author: Timothy J. Colton; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pages: 287; Price: Rs 695

15. An Arab Spring version of Aladdin? (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: A Whole New World - A Twisted Tale; Author: Liz Braswell; Publisher: Paragon Publishing; Pages: 384; Price: Rs 395

16. The ISI, Pakistan and South Asia: A dark, intertwined history (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Faith, Unity, Discipline - The Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan; Author: Hein G. Kiessling; Publisher: Harper Collins India; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599

17. Making a difference in our world - the third Clinton's ideas (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: It's Your World - Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!; Author: Chelsea Clinton; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 416; Price: Rs 550

18. Acting violently: Charles Bronson and his 'tough guy' film career (Charles Bronson's 95th birth anniversary is on Nov 3) ( News and Blogs )

He was an unlikely movie hero, with an average height and build, a rough-hewn appearance instead of good looks, a voice low and gravelly than pleasant, and a languid, laid-back

19. Taming the Afghans, plugging the invasion route: A forgotten contribution to Indian security ( Books )

Title : Hari Singh Nalwa- Champion of the Khalsaji; Author : Vanit Nalwa

It is a rare country that remembers all its heroes, let alone recognises their contribution -- even wa

20. Bob Dylan: Blowing in the Wind to Nobel Literature Prize ( Arts and Crafts )

An unconventional singer - with a raspy, almost nasal voice instead of honeyed tones - burst into public consciousness in the early 1960s with a brace of self-written, hard-hitt

21. Love in the shadow of the 'Nirbhaya' episode (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Mornings After; 
Author: Tharun James Jimani; 
Publisher: Bloomsbury India; 
Pages: 272

22. Mentally mastering money for a more meaningful life (Book Review) ( Books )

Title: Mind Over Money - The Psychology of Money and How to Use it Better; 
Author: Claudia Hammond; 
Publisher: Canongate/Random House India; 

23. Against Elections - The Case for Democracy (Book Review) ( Books )

The democracy deficit and some simple solutions Title: Against Elections - The Case for Democracy; Author: David Van Reybrouck; Publisher: Bodley Head/Random House India; Pages:

24. A look back on former President Dr S. Radhakrishnan whose birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day in India ( News and Blogs )

Soon after he became India's second President, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday began to be celebrated as "Teachers' Day", given his belief that "teachers should be the best