Friday, May 26, 2017
Meera Dewaan, Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, Delhi -
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Meera Dewaan,
Editor, Dainik Bhaskar
Delhi, India



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1. I am an engineering aspirant from Chandigarh. Do I really need to go to Kota for my JEE? ( Career )

Every year thousands of students appear for the JEE examination with a dream to become

2. Five reasons to consider Error & Omission Insurance while offering Consultancy Services ( Finance )

If you have ever been involved in a paid advisory service or consulting or any other service, you can well feel the presence of various risks which can derail yo

3. How to Become a Smart Business Traveler? ( Tourism )

Travelling often becomes necessary for business growth. A business traveler needs to take care of several things to breeze through business trips. The goal of

4. Should you really have a big breakfast ( Health )

I have been a big fan of breakfast and had always thought that chowing down was a smart way to start the day. But recent research has shown that consuming a

5. How well do you know your Health Insurance Policy? ( Finance )


Most health insurance policyholders simply assume that only hospitalization expenses

6. Hereís What These Women Are Buying for Their Families This New Year ( Promotional Features )

New Year Eve is the time when everyone is in the mood of celebration. While some prefer ringing in the new year by hosting a grand party, others love doing it in the serene company

7. Is your business ready to bear the cost of the accident for your workers? ( Finance )

If you run a successful business, you will be unable to deny the fact that it is employees or workers who must be credited for their hard and sincere work to raise the company t

8. Know about Qutab golf course- Indias first public golf course ( Sports )

The beginning-

Located in the plush locales of Lado Sarai, the sprawling Qutab Golf Course is the first public golf course in India. Designed and developed by De

9. Difference between Individual Health Plan & Group Health Insurance Plan ( Finance )

Insurance being very essential today; we need to be absolutely sure that we have got ourselves the right type of insurance plan. While opting for an Insuranc

10. Munnar: The epitome of everything thatís beautiful ( Tourism )

The confluence of beautiful, mighty and towering snow capped mountains, the freshness of sweeping green fields and a breathtaking display of nature in all its

11. 5 Reasons why Chennai is an excellent place for Single Working women ( Tourism )

As per a 2011 census report, Chennai has the highes

12. Market-linked investments with capital guaranteed feature: Are you ready to be blown away ( Finance )

Why do you look for any investment plan? There must be some preplanned goals which you desire to achieve with the accumulated money. The reasons might be infinite but there ar

13. 5 Tips for Filing Your Income Tax Returns ( Finance )

One of the most necessary things youíll have to learn in life is how to file your income tax returns. Taxes are a necessary part of lifeóthe more you know about it, the less l

14. Teenagers Will Now Be Tried As Adults For Serious Crimes ( News and Blogs )

One of the biggest stories in breaking news in Hindi at Dainik Bhaskar comes from Parliament. It has been announced that a bill has been passed that will all